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I'm not a big fan of toile, but this is pretty enough to convince me.  Maybe I will order that TARDIS toile.    Bridges on the Body: the official 1780 stays photograph

So cool - also pattern consistent - Stays made from 1780 pattern by Norah Waugh from Corsets and Crinolines. Waverly cotton Toile de Jouy, cotton denim, cotton trim, and basket reed boning. - by Bridges on the Body

Victorian Undergarments | The Dusty Victorian: Victorian Underwear in my Laundry Room - Part I

Edwardian S-shaped corset – inspiration

Fashioning Nostalgia: Victorian/Edwardian Combination Chemise & Drawers: How to turn an op-shop find into historical underwear

#Wedding corset designed for Mrs. G.E. Dixon, July 1905. l Victoria and Albert Museum

Wedding corset

Wedding corset designed for Mrs. Dixon, July ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

1952 Life Magazine - Crinoline Petticoats - I wonder if we could make something like this for our dresses? jαɢlαdy

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Terminology: Rayon, viscose, acetate, cuprammonium and all those other manufactured naturals

Robe a l’anglaise ca. 1780’s

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Woman's Dress (Robe à l'anglaise) Artist/maker unknown, American Geography: Made in United States, North and Central America Date: Medium: Peach silk satin

Before the Automobile: 1780's stays, 2012.  Absolutely gorgeous.

My favorite surviving century stays can be found in the Victoria & Albert museums collections. As my previous stays were starting to s.

1740s stays. Corsets. Before the Automobile: Corsets and stays

reproduction stays based closely on the set in Norah Waugh's Corsets & Crinolines - Augustintytar / Beyond the Automobile

Corset&photo: Ksenoa Korneychuk by Ksenia Korneychuk, via Flickr

Back of a black and blue corset, Corset & photo by Ksenia Korneychuk, Electric blue, Корсет, Corset


Corset Every Lady A Must Have Waist Training Journey For A Gorgeous Figure "Hour Glass" "Our organic corsets are eco-friendly, affordable, durable, fashionable, and healthy wearing.

Eighteenth-Century European Dress | Thematic Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Corset, third quarter of century European Green silk damask. Referred to as "stays" until the late nineteenth century, the corset was the basic garment of every woman's wardrobe.