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CREATIVE WRITERS NEEDED!!! http://goo.gl/forms/qyU7H05VBq

CREATIVE WRITERS NEEDED!!! http://goo.gl/forms/qyU7H05VBq

your first time should not hurt please be aware and spread the word, this is something I didn't know and the myth was used against me by my (now ex) boyfriend to grant his own satisfaction-don't be used like I was

I love "penis people" and "vagina people." But yes, spread this around. Also, if a boy gets aroused, you don't HAVE to get him off.

PSA: Use ATMs with NFC Readers to Avoid ATM Skimmers  Good morning everyone, I just wanted to introduce you to Shane, the Flying Detective, as my newest writer.  He has a law enforcement background and he will write about law enforcement, travel hacking, MSing, and trip reports.  He has quite a few trip reports ready, so those will be coming out over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy reading his posts and please give Shane a warm TWG welcome. Everyone has seen the news a

I will show you how to spot an ATM skimmer and how to access an ATM with your mobile wallet. Hold up your phone next to the NFC reader and enter your PIN.

The Most Misused English Words Infographic Infographic

12 of the most misused English words: Good writers share many qualities, but simplicity and clarity are two of the most important. This infographic highlights some of the most commonly misused words in English.



okay i hope/think i'll never have to use this but it's interesting so

Also, if you go to the local LDS or Mormon church, the bishop has resources that can help, like the Bishop's Storehouse for food etc.