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Villainous '80s Album Covers

A Joker t-shirt by Rocky Davies. The Joker is the most iconic of the Batman villains.

Hail Hydra vs Straight Outta...: The More Annoying Meme - The ...

: The More Annoying Meme SHH Community Forum

Sometimes I think this should be hung in every room at work.....bad humor but so true.

Items similar to I'll try to be nicer if you try to be smarter Quote tan Sarcastic Witty Quotes - Pinback Button on Etsy

Do not mess with the batfamily Frm bd: Batman, the definitive board

All Batman characters (c) to DC comics. XD This happened after this pic just the top pic 'Cause Jason needs more Love XD Color codes: Black - Batman/Bruce Blue - Dick Red - Tim Grey - Alfred

This is so me

Star Wars Meets Batman: How Batman moves around the Death Star without any trouble.

Wonder Woman is better than Superman

Wonder Woman is better than Superman

Funny pictures about Wonder Woman vs. Oh, and cool pics about Wonder Woman vs. Also, Wonder Woman vs.

Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters  Holy fucking DC with the originality

Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters

Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters AKA why DC is and will always be a pathetic excuse for a comic house (besides Vertigo comics)

Repinning from myself while browsing my boards for Spider-Man stuff...

Superheroes - Then and Now

Superheroes - Then and Now. It's amazing how they look cheesy back then, and now they look better. Not entirely true though. This is awesome because each Superhero has darker sides to them.