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Horsehair Worm Parasite Emerges From Praying Mantis

Horsehair Worm Parasite Emerges From Praying Mantis

Ecosystems Interactive Notebook pages - abiotic, biotic, biodiversity, food chains, food webs, energy pyramid, predator/prey, consumer/producer, parasite/host, biomes, human impact on ecosystems, Charles Darwin, natural selection and more.

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你知道蚊子是怎麼吸血的嗎?常分享科學概念影片的YouTube頻道「DEEP LOOK」,這次就用高科技攝影技術拍下蚊子吸血的過程。蚊子吸血的時候,會先停在肌膚上然後刺下管狀器官,而這個管狀器官其實隱藏

你知道蚊子是怎麼吸血的嗎?常分享科學概念影片的YouTube頻道「DEEP LOOK」,這次就用高科技攝影技術拍下蚊子吸血的過程。蚊子吸血的時候,會先停在肌膚上然後刺下管狀器官,而這個管狀器官其實隱藏

You might remember the photo recently of goats scaling the side of the Buffalo Bill dam? Well, it's sort of real. Here is the link to the Snopes analysis. The verdict? REAL PHOTOGRAPHS; INACCURATE DESCRIPTION http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/buffalobill.asp --Posted to DESERT HEARTS Animal Compassion -  Phoenix, Arizona –1/16/2014 https://www.facebook.com/desertheartsphoenix

These Alpine Ibex (wild mountain goat) are seen scaling the surface of the Cingino Dam in Northern Italy to lick minerals off the rock faces. They are excellent climbers and often found at higher altitudes.

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螞蟻怕酸,蚊子怕辣,蟑螂怕香。天氣越來越熱了,這些令人討厭的小生命們活躍得不得了,下面給大家介紹一些不殺生又能驅趕螞蟻、蚊子、蟑螂的妙法。看見蟑螂,不怕不怕啦~   蟑螂怕香味,香皂巧幫忙    神出鬼沒的蟑螂,最愛隱身於掌管我們民生大計的廚房裡。面對「打不死的蟑螂」我的辦法是--將一塊浴用香皂切

螞蟻怕酸,蚊子怕辣,蟑螂怕香。天氣越來越熱了,這些令人討厭的小生命們活躍得不得了,下面給大家介紹一些不殺生又能驅趕螞蟻、蚊子、蟑螂的妙法。看見蟑螂,不怕不怕啦~ 蟑螂怕香味,香皂巧幫忙 神出鬼沒的蟑螂,最愛隱身於掌管我們民生大計的廚房裡。面對「打不死的蟑螂」我的辦法是--將一塊浴用香皂切

Scuba diving with hammerheads Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Scalloped hammerhead Sharks (Sphyrna lewini) off the coast of Cocos Island, Costa Rica by Jeff Rotman. Nature is amazing.