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Avon Books - The Girl With the Frightened Eyes - Lawrence Lariar

Bad Children's Books by Bob Staake (NSFW)

An Education From Jai Lennard

lovely: Illustrator Bob Staake has created 25 Bad Children’s Books, with titles like “Bukowski for Kids,” “Dead Whales Can’t Wave Back,” “Mommy Needs to Go to Detox,” and many more. All are done in classic “Golden Books” childrens style.

made me laugh WAY too hard

10 Vintage Phallic Ads

The weird world of vintage advertising | Desizn World

Nipple bra to look like you are not wearing a bra, while you are! No one would believe you are actually wearing a bra the ad states, nevermind the backfat that is always a dead give away. File this under EWWWW!

Old timey ads were epic on multi levels

Women will never be respected until they stop dressing for the male gaze.Men Love Fannies Page 36 of a 1973 Frederick's of Hollywood catalog (did Pippa wear this.

It's not the size of the ship nor the motion of the ocean...it's whether the captain stays in port long enough for all the passengers to get off.

funny quotes, it is not the size of the ship or the motion of the ocean, its whether or not the captain stays in port long enough to get all the passengers off, sexy quotes - Dump A Day

For every bit of gratitude one might feel for the gifts of the 1950s and 60s -- rock 'n roll and Mad Men, to name a few -- there's a friendly reminder that it's a good thing those eras are long gone. Take, for instance, the fact that it used to be acceptable to publicly debate whether women should be spanked for bad behavior. -The Huffinton Post

Newspapers Used To Think It Was Okay To Promote Spanking Women

Remember this when you hear people talk abut the good old days. Should A Woman Be Spanked? It was not a sexual question. Asked of four Brooklyn men by the now defunct “New York Daily Mirror.

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"I can't wait to see Jeremy again. I just love it when he blows smoke in my face! My gagging is a real turn-on for Jeremy!" Vintage ad for Tipalet cigarettes.