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I am Never Watching this 'Adventure Time' Theme Song Again. Watch it and See Why.

Does the Obsessive ‘Adventure Time’ Fandom Overlook the Depths of Pendleton Ward’s Cartoon Network Hit?

Jabba The Lump and Bubblegum Leia - Imgur

Lumpy Space Princess as Jabba the Hut & Princess Bubblegum as Princess Leia, Adventure Time/Star Wars

Princess Bubblegum #adventuretime

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19 Times "Adventure Time" Really Wanted To Make You Cry

19 Times "Adventure Time" Really Wanted To Make You Cry

Marceline Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time

earthrumblechampion: “♫ ♪ A pocket full of things that I intend to use I carry with me what I think is true And do what I intend to do I promise you Commiseratively I am obliged to you ♫ ♪”

I'm just your problem

Marceline and Bubblegum are such cute friends, but I personally think Bubblegum is kinda boring by herself Marceline Adventure Time