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so true but when we figure it out,now were a threat and labled bad.nor am isaying i am involved in any activity, just saying the system is all messed up.

Underground Intelligence Media

Higher Perspective: How to Detox Your Pineal Gland from Fluoride, Mercury, and develop higher consciousness. The pineal gland is our connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Fucking hell America, the people welding these objects is what makes the damn difference. Police ( the good police, the non racist ones) still have guns but we feel safe with them because we know they will use it to protect us, how are we supposed to feel safe when the ones holding the guns are white teenage boys who can't take no for an answer?

The reason why I hate this argument, is because guns were designed to KILL things, pencils were not, and neither were cars. Pet peeve More

So true! Image from http://honeywerehealthy.blogspot.com #foodismedicine #health

The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Google+ ~ Fluoride is found to be prevalent in the air and water after Chemtrail rains (White-Sky Rainstorms).  I suspect they're adding Roundup pesticide to Chemtrails mixture, from the odor.  Depleted Uranium [DU] added to Chemtrails sometimes causes them to appear brownish in color. DU causes illness, death, and deformities of flora & fauna 1000's of years into the future.

Prophecy- Starseed Bobs Perspective on Earth Changes and Our New Society: Fluoride Poisoning and Fluorosidic Acid , Fluoride Dangers,Fluoride Kills- Pineal Gland Calcification

Could you imagine browsing through this?  Amazing! I have a child who would be completely immersed for years if it were allowed.

Take Me Down To The Vatican City

Vatican 'Secret' Archives were resolutely a no go zone until when Pope Leo XIII opened them to researchers. The word secret simply refers to Private.


Besides the fact that there were white slaves in the USA during the same time AND the first slave owner was a black man. it is an uncomfortable truth.