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similes and metaphors - figurative language - figures of speechThis product will help students with identifying SIMILES and METAPHORS and distinguishing between them. Included you'll find 3 similes and metaphors worksheets, an assessment page, and a similes and metaphors interactive booklet.*Color the box with the correct figure of speech (2 pages)*Cut and paste the sentences under the correct figure of speech*Assessment page*My similes and metaphors bookletThis product is aligned with the…

Similes and Metaphors Activities

Jean Sibelius - Finland's Colorful Composer, Finland composers, composers with synesthesia, music synesthesia, classical music

Music is not what drew me to Finland's famous composer Jean Sibelius. It was his synesthesia. But in the end I became a big fan of this Finnish composer. I stumbled across his name on a list of famous people who were known synesthates.

MUSIC FANS and PROFESSIONAL CRITICS AGREE!! 'I believe you are gifted with a fantastic ear & musical genius. :-)', Nicolette W., An Avid Music Fan & Online Personality, Maryland, USA. CLICK THROUGH the GRAPHIC to hear CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED PROGRESSIVE music. Also, VISIT WWW.REVERBNATION.COM/TEDPALMER. Historical musical genius' (Inset).

Comments that have been made over the years about Bach, my favourite Classical composer. Incidentally, one of those quoted is also my favorite interpreter of Bach's keyboard works: Glenn Gould.

Important Classical Music Composers of All Time Infographic. Topic: history, piano, songwriter

20 Most Important Classical Music Composers of All Time [Infographic]

Curious about the history of classical piano music? Take a journey through history and learn about the four distinct musical periods in this lesson from Brooklyn, NY music teacher Julie P. Musical styles are always shifting and developing.

WHAT A GREAT SITE!! classical composers in a nutshell - most have facts plus some kind of youtube video of a performance of their music to link to

music history, music appreciation, Great classical composers in a nutshell - great for music classroom

I wonder if these guys would appreciate these jokes or if they'd face palm. #musichumor

My Franz Are Nothing but Treble

My Franz are nothing but treble… Yay for classical music geek humor.