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commission for germanshepherding!

commission for germanshepherding!

I'm Dobby... sensitive and protective... yep!

Harry Potter Zodiac

Sure..... #Aquarius

I'm Scorpio and I would totally do that just to see how the different kinds of readers react 😂😂

If I can make a dice into a weapon, you should fear me

If I can make a dice into a weapon, you should fear me

samuraistuck karkat by myotishi

drawing more fanarts for this AU instead of going to bed at a reasonable time NO REGRETS samuraistuck karkat

homestuck karkat vantas - Google Search

homestuck trolls My art karkat vantas terezi pyrope karezi karkatxterezi

Patron troll formula your birthday ex 4/13 Add digits 4+1+3=8. John's patron troll is Vriska. If greater than 12 as in this ex divide total over 12 17/12= 1.416 If 1.5 or lower your patron is Aradia 1.6-2 is Tavros    The rest follow this logic 1=Aires 2=Taurus 3=Gemini 4=Cancer 5=Leo 6=Virgo 7=Libra 8=Scorpio 9=Sagittarius 10=Capricorn 11=Aquarius 12=Pieces

-are these the beforus ancestors omg -Can we please talk about how attractive Mr. Vantas is