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Drunk girl...

Drunk girl...

The 32 Funniest Baby Memes All in One Place - Mommy Shorts

The 32 Funniest Baby Memes All in One Place

Looking for hilarious baby memes? We searched the web to find the funniest, craziest & cutest baby memes around. Check out our shortlist, you will love these!

Drink Until You're a Gallagher Shameless Design Irish Funny patricks day drunky t shirt st patricks day drink like a gallagher shirt irish men t shirt irish girls t shirt st patricks day saint irish ireland shamrock green patrick patricks beer guinness pub drunk drunken alcohol party funny quote quotes paddy dublin goblin lucky pot holidays luck clover charms leprechaun paddys

Drink until you're a Gallagher Shameless

Funny Irish saying for St Patrick's day. The quote reads drink until you are a gallagher.

Ring in the New Year with an Easy DIY Mimosa Bar for your New Years Eve Party via flouronmyface.com

Easy DIY Mimosa Bar

A DIY Mimosa Bar is the perfect way to celebrate New Years Eve, A Girls Night In or a Baby Shower. A Mimosa Bar makes for easy self-serve cocktails.

The Coconut Sunrise is one of my favorite drinks! It's super easy, has a great fruity flavor, and it's the perfect strength. And of course the Coconut Sunrise is absolutely beautiful to look at but even better to drink! Below is the simple recipe for this great drink for one or for a girls nigh in! #Vodka #Pineapple #Ciroc

Coconut Sunrise

The Coconut Sunrise is one of my favorite drinks! It's super easy, has a…

Top 14 Girly Alcoholic Drinks

Top 14 Girly Alcoholic Drinks

Mai Tai-The Mirage in Las ounce Bacardi Silver, 1 ounce Malibu, 2 ounces orange juice, 2 ounces pineapple, splash of grenadine. Float it with Myers Rum.

Bramblewood Fashion ❘ Modest Fashion Blog: What I Wore | BBC "Sherlock" Inspired Outfit for Girls

Am I the current King of England? Because I extra love drunk Sherlock. <----- The stag party scene was the hardest that I've ever laughed at a Sherlock episode! And Sherlock's drunk deductions afterward!

drunk, vodka, and kiss image

Let's get drunk together so i can kiss you and then blame it on the vodka // Relationship Goal

Twisted Mermaid #rum Bowl

Twisted Mermaid #rum Bowl

Love 'em or hate 'em, we've seen (or even been) all of 'em. Behold the 16 types of drunk girls you will encounter in life.  1. The Shrieker After four vodka tonics, her voice gets three octaves higher and everything gets SUPER EXCITING!!! Every song that comes on is “her jam,” and she’s gonna let everyone know. Oh, and also, she hasn’t seen you in “SOOOOOOOO long!!!!”  2. The Over-Emotional One

The 16 Types of Drunk Girls

This is painfully accurate! I have a friend who is both the 'over-emotional-one' and the 'I'm not even that drunk' girl. Too funny!

Raspberry Lemonade Champagne Punch

Raspberry Lemonade Champagne Punch

Raspberry Lemonade Champagne Punch - double the recipe (at least), add frozen scoops of rainbow sherbet (scoop out ahead of time and freeze in cupcake liners), add frozen fruit to keep cold, use diet or club soda!