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The City of Tangier - George Charles Haité

My new office inspiration, Matisse's moroccan landscape. The colors were SO AMAZING in person, I wanted to eat the painting.

"Moroccan Landscape" -- -- Henri Matisse -- French -- Oil on canvas -- Museum of Modern Art -- Stockholm, Sweden

Matisse- Landscape Viewed from a Window - 1913. I designed my entire home office around the color of the orange vase -- which is more a mango color in person.  LOVE!

Henri Matisse, Landscape viewed from a window, 1912 (Tangiers), The Pushkin Museum, Moscow

Henri Matisse, L'Atelier Rouge, 1911, Oil on canvas, MoMA, NYC, August 2013

The Red Room (Harmony In Red) 1908 Henri Matisse 1954 French) Oil On Canvas State Hermitage Museum St.

alongtimealone:  Matisse    Matisse

The Riverbank - Henri Matisse - 1907 / Offentliche Kunstsammlung, Basel, Switzerland

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse (French, Interior with an Egyptian Curtain, 1948 Oil on canvas; x cm) The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse - Interior Flowers and Parakeets, 1924 at Baltimore Museum of Art Baltimore MD

Fauvism was a joyful style of painting that delighted in using outrageously bold colors. The artists who painted in this style were known as 'Les Fauves' (the wild beasts).  'Les Fauves' believed that color should be used at its highest pitch to express the artist's feelings about a subject, rather than simply to describe what it looks like. Fauvist paintings have two main characteristics: extremely simplified drawing and intensely exaggerated color.

Henri Matisse, Entrance to the Kasbah, 1912 I just read Chasing Matisse. wonder if this is the Kasbah entrance he found from in his search.

Sir John Lavery

Sir John Lavery R.A.

Bessie Davidson,

Bessie Davidson,

Christopher Williams - )

Christopher Williams - )

bofransson:    White Walls in Sunlight, Morocco - John Singer Sargent - 1880

John Singer Sargent White Walls in Sunlight, Morocco Oil on wood Dimensions: 10 x 13 in. x cm) Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC