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The Dance Academy cast! This show is too freaking amazing...

The Dance Academy cast! Just finished season three 😢, I want more dance academy 😥

<3 this Australian show about teens at a dance school.  The dancing is amazing, the accents are adorable and the characters are extremely likable.

Dance Academy: Season 1 – Episodes 1-12

It's true that I have an affinity for teen TV shows. The boy teases me that my taste in television shows hasn't changed much since I was a.

I still can't watch Dance Academy Season 3 because I know Sammy isn't there anymore and things will never be the same again.

I can't watch Dance Academy Season 2 last 2 episodes without crying. Sammy will never be forgotten

dance academy Sammy and Abigail. They are PERFECT together!!!

OTP ~ Sammy and Abigail Dance Academy x infinity cubed

Dance Academy! One of my favorite Australian shows

Cast of dance academy (+ Tom Green and Tim Poccock who are not on this picture)