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Gabriel Moreno

Beautiful pen and ink illustrations by Gabriel Moreno. The artist creates hybrid art works by combining two or more subjects in his work.

shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUponWhen an artist who wants to study drawing and painting starts attending school or training to learn the techniques that go into it, he or she is often asked to start with the humble pencil. We call the pencil humble because we often overlook the pencil as a means for creating art but it is in fact a very powerful means not to mention one of the most difficult ones to master. When a student of art starts to learn to use the pencil to draw…

Simple Yet Intense Stipple Art To Help You See The Details

PROJECT/ CONTROL. 2011 by Gabriel Moreno , via Behance

PROJECT/ CONTROL. 2011 by Gabriel Moreno , via Behance

By illustrator Gabriel Moreno. Available as prints. He also has a facebook page.

Beautiful illustrations by Madrid-based illustrator Gabriel Moreno that intertwine the lives of individuals and animals through endless bands of line work.