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It's called responsibility!

It's always nice to see how the tiny mind works. So, checking the ISP, this is the same jerk who JUST opened an account ("June .

Haha it's how I felt when mom told me she actually had a name...

You mean to tell me your real name isn't mom? - Funny baby makes surprised and serious face.

Breastfeeding memes that just get it so right!


These breastfeeding memes capture the most relatable and hilarious parts of nursing our little ones.

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Only 20 Minutes Old

Only 20 Minutes Old

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left or right? So funny....

Funny pictures about A baby's lunch choices. Oh, and cool pics about A baby's lunch choices. Also, A baby's lunch choices.

People say to me "Look at you,always a bridesmaid, never a bride." I respond with "Look at you,always a mourner never a corpse."

This is so evil and it really does showcase the darker sode of my sense of humor but ehhh . i'll pin it anyway funny pictures funny memes, funny images, funny kids with sayings, funny quotes and sayings