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Now these are true role models! Women in Science. Hedy Lamarr, Natalie Portman, & Mayim Bialik are all actresses that have contributed to science!

Reading as a family is important!

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Reality doesn't make sense.

Book Quote: The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense. Reality never makes sense!

Martin Luther King Jr. on forgiveness

Thought-provoking quotes to help let go of the past and reach your heart toward the future.

La vida y la muerte.

Life asked death, why do people love you but hate me? Death responded: because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.

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Art Quote Famous Artist Degas typography by theartofobservation "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" - Edgar Degas


I enjoy quotes and finding pretty words to describe terrible things. All of my quotes are made with Photoshop. I answer advice privately unless anonymous Want me to see something?

Ackles Ass Equation---- That's it. We've lost it.

Equation of the curve of Jensen Ackles’ ass. Who said math was boring?<<<Nobody said Math is boring, it's just complicated.

Outdoor Pallet Table Attatch two half pallets one on top of the other using wood screws. Cut a top and base to size out of medium-density fiberboard and attach those pieces to the top and bottom of the pallets. Frame the top MDF piece with lattice strips.  Paint the entire unit the color of your choice and let it dry. Attach casters to the bottom of the table to increase mobility. For an embellished top, cut an outdoor sisal rug to fit inside the top and attach with a weatherproof adhesive.

Funny pictures about A digital book vs. a real book. Oh, and cool pics about A digital book vs. a real book. Also, A digital book vs. a real book.

It's life

Marina from Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports whole-heartedly believes in this statement. She made sure that the children in her daughter's grade classroom were well equipped with reading material by donating 54 books!

Pilates Famous Quotes. QuotesGram

"to achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability." ~ Joseph Pilates in