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this is amazing, placement?!

feather with birds.this is a prime example of how placement can make a good tattoo a piece of awesome art.

i want an owl tattoo similar to this. i'll make it my own, obviously. and i'd get it on the back of my calf.

Owl Tattoos: Designs, Ideas, Meanings, and Photos

One of many Owl tattoo's I'm looking for the PERFECT but hard when i love different owl ideas,.Thinking i mite end up with a family of owl's or ill never be able to decide an end up with not a one.

Fun little potion bottle

I want to tattoo all the potion bottles! This is the potion from Death Becomes Her ? Thanks so much Had a lot of fun tattooing this for you and chatting (Bottle Tattoo)

floral tattoo. Cass I know it isnt happy but it still made me think of your have to leave idea

20 Beautiful Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

shining star 3D tattoo; smaller and on my foot

black and white ink tattoo - would absolutely love this with a butterfly in place of the moon. or maybe with the moon.

a drawing by moneyless (moneyless.it). done by gunnar at íslenzka húðflúrstofan (reykjavík, iceland).

a drawing by moneyless (moneyless. done by gunnar at slenzka hflrstofan (reykjavk, iceland).