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The Narcissist's Control/Validate Tactic is Simplified Evil

If you’ve dealing with someone rude and toxic in your life – for a passing moment or perhaps long-term (e.g in your family or in your workplace), view this article and video for 8 tips to support you https://www.pinchmeliving.com/toxic-people/

Dealing with Rude & Toxic People - 8 Tips to Support You

It's sad when narcissists repeat the situation over and over, never learning their lesson or refraining from toxic, poisonous relationships that they create.

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What areas of your life have been affected by the abusive experiences with a narcissist: Financial Were you dependent upon your abuser for financial assistance? Did the stress or depression of abus…

Digging Into the Areas of Your Life Affected by Narcissistic Abuse

This is probably the biggest obstacle people have to being successful in their life. Always seeking to lay blame with someone else.

Those who do not fall victim to a narcissist listened to their instinct and walked away. Of course there are those who are not attracted to narcissists to begin with. Certainly does not mean we are at fault for ignoring our gut instinct. We may not be honed in to it, or we may have been seduced in such a way that we gave the narcissist the benefit of the doubt. #narcissist

Before my husband tied the knot with his ex-narc we all told him not to do it. His mother, his father, sisters and all of his friends. In retrospect he felt bad for listening to them at the time but knew that they were right.

365 Happiness Project 2017 – Quote 46

365 Happiness Project 2017 – Quote 46

365 Happiness Project 2017 – Quote 46 - Boho Weddings For the Boho Luxe Bride

The narcissists and their ridiculous sense of entitlement

The narcissists and their ridiculous sense of entitlement~ When they get in trouble or called out for their bullying, It's "always" the victims fault why they were being bullied by the Narcissist