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Harry Potter Next Generation Character Confessions

Lily was never afraid to tell people exactly what she thought. Her bluntness caused much trouble for her while in Hogwarts.

I love this so so much

I love this so so much

Mean Stinks

Welcome to Mean Stinks! A place where nice prevails and girl-to-girl bullying comes to an end. Here we share anti-bullying tips, tools and challenges to help stop bullying in its tracks.

*worth looking at??  "Do you wish that you actually knew how to make bullying decrease in your school? When kids come crying to you because they are being bullied, do you wish that you had a method that could actually teach them to solve their problem?"  ---YES!

program: 3 magic responses that de-escalate bullying. "Johnny called me a *&%@ "Do you believe it? (exceptions also listed) Great quick responses for teachers!

Is Cyber Bullying Defamation of Character. http://nobullying.com/is-cyber-bullying-defamation-of-character/ #cyberbullying, #help, #nobullying, #cyber, #cybersafety, #stopbullying, #race, #black, #white, #minority, #pain, #selfesteem, #racism, #bullies, #school, #schoolbullying, #bulimia, #fat, #fatshaming, #purge, #eatingdisorder, #depression, #depression,#bulliedteen, #teens, #socialmediasafety,

Differences between Boy and Girl Bullying - NoBullying - Bullying & CyberBullying Resources

Science Apps and Games for Kids

Best Science Games, Websites, and Apps for Kids

Use our new Scope & Sequence tool to find the lessons that are just right for your classroom. These cross-curriculular units spiral to address digital literacy and citizenship topics in an age appropriate way.

Blog post about how using "Just Kidding" by Trudy Ludwig with boys to talk about how boys bully differently than girls.

Great book about teasing and lets kids know that "just kidding" is not an excuse to hurt someone! Just Kidding: Trudy Ludwig, Adam Gustavson

"StopBullying.gov provides information from various government agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying."

An unhappy teen boy walks away from bullying girls. - great place for articles on bullying with lower reading levels