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Three-Day Work Week May Be Ideal For Those Over 40, Study Finds. Someone should tell my boss, oh wait that will be me then ! #womeninbusiness #workfromhome

According to a recent study published in the Melbourne Institute’s working paper series, a three day work week may be ideal for remaining productive without burning out.

Encourage older adults (and kids!) to learn new skills! Listen to this short audio about the benefits of brain games and acquiring new skills #ProjectTRIP #NPR #IGrelationships

Learning A New Skill Works Best To Keep Your Brain Sharp

A reminder that continued learning is as important and beneficial as it is challenging. ["Quilting, which requires measuring and calculating, also helped improve participants' memory.

If you had a crystal ball to see what you'd regret as you were dying, would you make changes now?

Here are 5 things you may regret at the end of your life, from a nurse who works with the dying.

5 Things You May Regret at the End of Your Life from a Nurse Who Works with the Dying

garden of light daffodil installation art marie curie greyworld great daffodil appeal

'Garden of Light' Installation Honors Nurses with 2,100 Illuminated Daffodils

Garden of Light is an illuminated, interactive daffodil installation by Marie Curie and Greyworldm featuring handmade flowers that represent nurses.

Inspired by minimalist style but struggling to create a simple wardrobe? Here’s a simple way to make it work for you.

A Simple Guide to A Simple Wardrobe

I love this check list...  I was trained to negative thoughts.. I call them my "Mob" and that mob sits in the back of my head poopooing everything that I do and want to do.. Well poo poo on that mob.. I'm changing my self talk and it really shuts the mob up nicely.. <3

12 Negative Thoughts Holding You Back happy life happiness positive emotions lifestyle mental health confidence self improvement infographics self help emotional health

If you've ever struggled with time managment or getting things done, you cannot miss this post!  Such great tips plus a free printable workbook that walks you through all five steps.

Filling the Time Jar

Wear Deodorant? You Have More Armpit Bacteria Than Antiperspirant Users

Wear Deodorant? You Have More Armpit Bacteria Than Antiperspirant Users

You Have More Armpit Bacteria Than Antiperspirant Users