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Heres that dog you love:)

Carli Davidson Shake - The Carli Davidson Shake portrait series is no ordinary pet photography! Davidson captures dogs shaking their heads to create distorted expressions.

Double exposure

This shot communicates a lot of emotion through a melancholy colour scheme and a high key lighting technique showing a model with a somber facial expression. The use of a long exposure and a flash creates the illusion of multiple faces.

I want to kiss him

Another fast shutter speed. For her series "Shake", pet photographer Carli Davidson photographed curious portraits of dogs shaking off water. Use a fast shutter speed and you can capture all kinds of strange expression.


Very interesting post: Cocker Spaniel - 46 Pictures. Also dompiсt.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Dog.

must. get. ball. glub glub...

“Photographer Seth Casteel has definitely taken animal photography to new heights – or depths – with his hilarious photos of dogs chasing balls underwater. Casteel, who, naturally, has two dogs of his own (a mini Labradoodle and a Norwich terrier).

"Wooohooo, yippie!  We're going for a walk, we're going for a walk! ! !" [LOVE LOVE this photo]

Daddy's home! An incredible photograph of a boy and a Dalmatian jumping for joy because daddy's home! In Black and White

what an amazing photograph.... Thank you @Rachel Poland for letting me know the photographer's name; Christina Gandolfo and the name of the photograph is "Einstein"

What a face! Einstein the Crazyhaired Dog - 5 X 7 Fine Art Photo Print from Gandolphoto on Etsy

Frenchie swim team #french #bulldog

Frenchie swim team #french #bulldog

"..either land safely or God will give U wings to fly..."(Hilary R. Clinton)

1954 by Harold Eugene Edgerton Diver Bert West flips backwards in a multiflash shot that lasted less than half a second. West engaged Harold E. Edgerton to assist him in preparing a manual for divers.