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Heres that dog you love:)

Carli Davidson Shake - The Carli Davidson Shake portrait series is no ordinary pet photography! Davidson captures dogs shaking their heads to create distorted expressions.

Chillin great dane lol

He looks almost exactly like my departed Otis. Great Danes with natural ears (non-cropped) are just so damn cute. I miss my gigantic fur kids and hope I can have another in the future.

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this looks just like my little Dougie (with his rawhide "cigar" and all)

basset hound running...

Basset Hounds Running

Basset Hounds Running! The_LD Basset Hounds Running! Basset Hounds Running!

big baby face....

This is my monkey. Say hello to my monkey. Did you say hello to my monkey? I like my monkey.

These Labrador Retrievers can't read a clock, yet always know when it's dinner time Always! #funnydogs


Dogs can t read a clock but always know when it is dinnertime :))))) funny dog picture