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Well now, there's some good wisdom…

This only applies if you buy your yarn and your food in the same store. Buy good, quality yarn from a local yarn shop. Yes, I'm a yarn snob.

This would make it all better!

They should put prizes int he middle of skeins of yarn. "I'm sorry you had trouble finding the center pull, but here's a ring pop.

Spider on the floor. Dead yarn.

I thought there was a spider on the rug, but it was just some yarn. It's dead yarn now, though.


Nothing truer has ever been said. Other than my little saying: 'my pattern to do list is longer than my lifespan.


It's like the people who wrote these witty crafty quotes could see straight into our brains.

Asseblief en baie dankie

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20 Hilarious Crochet Memes That Could Have Been Written For Us

I just want to crochet things and get enough sleep. Every crocheter's dream.Thanks Tracy.but alas, you can't do bothStill trying, I am exhausted thoughSo true.