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Am I Gay? Self-discovery with Shang - Part VI

Am I Gay? Self-discovery with Shang - Part VI

I don't support gay decisions or foul language but I'm sorry guys this is funny


pocket princesses # Gotta say that Merida dissing Ariel's perfect hair makes me kind of happy. <-- Agreed (most princesses, but still)

This is why you should put on a winter coat and a wool scarf on BEFORE going outside!

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Frozen Humor / Disney / SO TRUE! love this movie!

Perfect description of high school.

High school summed up by Disney. This is how I and my brother speak in real life. With Disney quotes.

Aww, that's so sad. I've heard he was an amazing Peter.  Very involved and good with the kids.  Shame on you, Disney!!

Peter Pan update…

Peter Pan grew up and married Wendy :) this makes me so sad though, I really really wanted to meet him:(


The guy who killed Bambi's mom. All the other villains are in a way silly and lovable an that guy is just cruel and evil. He is the only one who killed anybody. THE SCARIEST VILLAIN=man himself.>>> hmbitch ksnt a Disney thing but she's the wores