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Inuit woman wearing an amauti and carrying a child on her back : N. [Nunavut], ca. 1926 - Credit: D. Marsh / Library and Archives Canada /

Girls. Lakota Sioux

Adorable Lakota girls, look for native photo book

Canada | Native Inuit Women in Gala Dress. Fullerton, Northwest Territories  ca. 1904 | Photo taken by Geraldine (J.D.) Moodie

Portrait of three Inuit women wearing beaded baby-pouches. This photograph was taken in a studio at Fullerton, Nunavut, 1904

laplander clothing - Google Search

Traditional Norwegian clothing for the sami people

Inuit mother with baby    Image No: ND-1-105    Title: Inuit mother (in parka) carrying baby on her back, Nome (?), Alaska.    Date: 1903:

Inuit mother (in parka) carrying baby on her back, Alaska. Date: Photographer Lomen Brothers.

A Balinese family (c. 1910-1920) Tropenmuseum

A Rare Historical Look At Old Indonesia - 25 Photos Taken Pre-1920

A Rare Historical Look At Old Indonesia - 25 Photos Taken

Nowadlook, an Inuit women, dressed in fur parka, Alaska, 1907. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/201747258281426522/   #Alaska

Nowadlook, an Inuit women, dressed in fur parka, Alaska, 1907

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Chief Researcher Amereldine my-favourite-things

Padleimuit woman and her child inside their igloo in the Canadian Arctic, 1950, by Richard Harrington

Padlei, Nunavut Photo by Richard Harrington, OC (February 1911 – October

Koryak outer robe [Northern Siberia, Russia]

Koryak people of Kamchatka: woman's coat/dress for a festive occasion

Zuni Woman with Jar     c.1903 Edward Sheriff Curtis

Edward Curtis ~ Zuni Woman with Jar

"Tsuu T'ina Nation Mother & Child", ca. 1800s.

indigenouswisdom: “Tsuu T’ina (Sarcee) woman and child. The Tsuu T’ina is a first nation from Canada. Although their traditional territory on the Great Plains was extensive, their territory is now restricted to the Tsuu T’ina Nation 145 Reserve in.

Chief Owl—Blackfoot circa 1886.   During the 1880s, Canadian Alex Ross photographed many of the First Nations people who lived around Calgary. In particular, Ross documented many of the men, women and families of the Blackfoot—mainly of the Siksiká Nation—and the Tsuu T’ina—or as they were originally called, Sarcee.   Ross started his photographic career as an assistant in Winnipeg, but decided in his early 30s to relocate to Calgary and establish his own studio. The practicalities of…

Alex Ross came to Calgary, Alberta in 1884 and set up a photographic studio at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Osler Street.

White Deer - Iroquois (Mohawk) - Have a drop of Aboriginal blood from my father's side running through my veins. very likely Iroquois, Mohawk Nation, Caughnawaga Reserve near Montreal, P.

Eskimo mother dressed in fur clothing with baby on her back, ca1903

Retronaut - Eskimo mothers and children

Beautiful practical Inuit parka

Parka Bering Sea early century seal gut, sinew, seal fur AB 274 Waterproof parkas such as this were made by cleaning seal intestine and sewing it into a waterproof garment. They were worn by men when travelling by qajait (kayak).