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Alkaline/Acid Food Chart - By consciously controlling the acid to alkaline balance in your body, you are able to benefit from a wide range of health benefits. Increased energy and weight loss will be immediately noticeable to someone who is recently returning to balance from an overly acidic body - We prefer Alkaline Lifestyle.

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Advice | What is the Alkaline Diet

What is the Alkaline Diet

Healthy body have a balanced pH. Drinking bentonite clay helps balance acidic foods and brings us back to a neutral pH.

Eat more Walnuts - Helps Memory & Metabolism - Anti Breast and Prostate Cancers

Eat more ‪ "You are what you eat, so eat fit!" Fresh meal plan Weight loss and so much more Delicious and nutritious

...chockolad : in need for Mg - it´s stress or depression,dopamin lift with only 50g/day.Natural source of energy for the brain is in fructosa - darker the grapes , apricots , peaches,ets.Dryed even better...we all have had our tastes in lines for decades...:)

5 of the Best Brain Foods. chocolate is a brain food that is GOOD for the brain. ok, well, time to start eating more. good excuse to eat lots of chocolate!

Brain Foods Infographic

Eating for Brain Health! Healthy Brain Foods for Proper Function, and to Improve Mood and Memory

Health benefits of walnuts

Walnut Benefits: Walnuts have vitamin E, which is great for creating skin moisture. Walnuts have lots of fiber, some B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Walnuts also contain protein. A great way to eat them is in a snack or in your salad.