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These individual foods will benefit your individual organs.

5 Foods That Are Good For Different Parts Of Your Body

Bitter and crunchy, walnuts are rich ALA fatty-acids, making them an excellent anti-inflammatory agent helping relief swelling and pain.

Delicious too :)

Among all nuts, walnuts may be the king because they help improve your health in number of ways -- here are some 7 benefits of walnuts.

Health benefits of walnuts

Walnut Benefits: Walnuts have vitamin E, which is great for creating skin moisture. Walnuts have lots of fiber, some B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Walnuts also contain protein. A great way to eat them is in a snack or in your salad.

Las nueces: son una de las mejores aliadas del cerebro. Además de aportar ácidos omega-3, omega-6 y vitaminas B6 y E, producen importantes efectos positivos sobre el tejido neuronal debido a su contenido en polifenoles y sustancias bioactivas. Puedes agregarlas a tus ensaladas, consumirlas con tu cereal por la mañana o bien solas en cualquier momento del dia.

Walnuts ~ Inflammation Fighters ~ Most antioxidants of all nuts ~ Richest in omega 3 fatty acids ~ Unsaturated fats (eat instead of fish) ~ Manganese reduces PMS

Pistachio Nutrition Facts. Source: American Pistachio Growers

Research shows people who eat un-shelled nuts eat less calories compared to those who eat shelled nuts. Glad they help to make our vegetarian Italian burger, The Don!

Top Natural Painkillers

Food first! Incorporate these natural pain killers into your diet. Nutritional Healing also works with a natural NSAID reliever. Never take painkillers!