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Football player by Duane Hanson

Bridge Red Studios is in an all artist occupied studio warehouse in North Miami and includes a project space where we show mid-career artists from the community who do not show in local commercial galleries.

French Raku Studio “la porte du soleil” http://www.veniceclayartists.com/french-studio-la-porte-du-solei/

The ancient Japanese practices of Raku are still honored in their courses. For example in the creation of the Japanese tea ceremony bowls ( chawan ) irregular, uneven, flawed, sometimes rough form is encouraged to enhance there organic charm.

Google Image Result for http://ethnology.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/c_2001_1_27.jpg

Google Image Result for http://ethnology.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/c_2001_1_27.jpg

Pippin Drysdale's Artwork is available to purchase from Michael Reid Gallery in Berlin.

Minoan Palace at Knossos

years the Minoan civilization flourished on Crete. The civilization that gave Crete the nickname

Seated Child by Duane Hanson

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Grayson Perry - Untitled, 1991, glazed ceramic

Creation Date: Medium: glazed ceramic;

Made of Alabama clay, this pot was formed on the potters wheel, decorated using a warm satin matt spodumene glaze, then high-fired to approximately 2400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beautiful Decorative Ceramic Vessel From Etsy