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Hawking launches biggest-ever search for alien life - Yahoo News

This stunning space wallpaper reveals which is an enormous stellar nursery about 6200 light-years away in the Perseus Arm, one of the Milky Way galaxy’s main spiral arms, that hosts both low- and high-mass star formation.

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The cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula via Hubblesite. The visible space is big, complex and can be incredibly beautiful. It almost looks like God.

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sci-universe: The Heart Nebula (IC lies about 7500 light years away from Earth and is located in the constellation Cassiopeia. Beautiful Valentine’s Day for those who celebrate it!

What can one say..... utterly uncomprehendingly beautiful!!!!  not enough i know :)    OriOnNeB

The Orion Nebula (also known as Messler 42 or NGC is a Diffuse nebula situated south of Orion's Belt in the constellation of Orion. It is one of the brightest nebulae, and is visible to the naked eye in the night sky. The universe is crazy


Cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula via Hubblesite.

E.R.P. - Ancient Light (Hubble Telescope Series Vol. II) at Discogs

Composed of gas and dust, the pictured pillar resides in a tempestuous stellar nursery called the Carina Nebula, located 7500 light-years away in the southern constellation of Carina.

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Jav I "Space Storm." Nebula, s=Stars, Cosmos, Fractals

The Pelican Nebula (IC 5067/5070) an H II region associated with the North America Nebula in the constellation Cygnus, by Don Bryden #summerstargazing

Universe - The Pelican Nebula (IC an H II region associated with the North America Nebula in the constellation Cygnus.


21 incredible cloud nebula pictures — BBC Focus Magazine


hubble image

Would love to know what nebula this is. This is a color-enhanced, flipped version of a portion of the Orion Nebula showing baby star formation.

Witch's Broom Nebula! #Astronomy by ruth

nice shot of Witch's Broom Nebula

Tulip Nubela

Tulip Nebula - I'm pinning this for the picture. The article says we are made of star stuff. That sounds nice and poetic, but it doesn't give you any meaning, unfortunately. Star stuff doesn't care about you.

This new view of the Orion A star-formation cloud from ESA’s Herschel space observatory shows the turbulent region of space that hugs the famous Orion Nebula.

The Orion A star-formation cloud seen by ESA’s Herschel space observatory on Aug. The Orion Nebula is located within the central bright region of this scene, where massive star formation is most intense.

The Orion Nebula (cloud) lies about 1,350 light-years from earth

The Orion Nebula (cloud) lies about light-years from earth

Nebulosa de Orión

9 Incredible Photos of our Universe - Beautiful Images