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want one?????? Go check out my one direction clothing board!!

all though this is not really a girly thing.its a directioner thing :)

i dunno, maybe because it's the cutest thing i've ever heard on the hottest boy i've ever seen... just a thought

Niall, Niggah I'm a happy teenage girl, and I truly enjoy my life. I'm a proud danish/polish directioner. ∞ Niall Horan is my everything. My life revolves around Nialler, my perfect little Irish snowflake.

we love our idiots <3

You are wonderful, perfect, idiots and we love you and yes it is a compliment (:

it's true #prayforandy  At 8:15 everybody say a little prayer for Andy... :) <@Andy Samuels we are praying for you andy

Prayers Going Out To You Yang Samuels x<<<<< Liam saved Andy from a fire? When did this happen?

Hay boys, dress like the GORGEOUS GUYS and you will get women. Oh, and sing like them too<3

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Andy Samuels

IT WAS ANDY? No matter what fandom pleeeeease pray! Liam is the only one who wanted to be a firefighter if not in and he saved Andy. Well done, Liam. We all love you an are praying for Andy. Thanks guys!

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I'm sorry, but this is probably the stupidest most typical thing I've ever read from a one direction boy. Not a fan!