Harold Knight(1874ー1961)

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A Helensburgh breakfast Annie Rose Laing (1869-1946)

A Helensburgh breakfast Annie Rose Laing (1869-1946)

'A Cup of Tea' (1904) by American painter and illustrator Waleter Granville-Smith (1870-1938). He is best known for his oil paintings and watercolors of seascapes, landscapes and genre scenes.The artist's illustrations appeared in many of the leading publications of his time.

✿Time For Coffee & Tea✿ Walter Granville Smith ~ A Cup of Tea, 1904

The Tea Party Harold Harvey (1874 – 1941, English)

Harold Harvey (1874 – 1941, English)

Artwork of Former First Lady Ellen Axson Wilson in Old Lyme CT | Florence Griswold Museum

Robert Vonnoh, American artist 1858 – 1933 Portrait of Ellen Axson Wilson and her daughters

‘Afternoon Tea’ by Clement Micarelli (1929-2008)

✿Time For Coffee & Tea✿ ‘Afternoon Tea’ by Clement Micarelli