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18 Times Mellie Grant Put You In Your Place On "Scandal" - BuzzFeed Mobile

18 Times Mellie Grant Put You In Your Place On "Scandal"

Times Mellie Grant Put You In Your Place On 'Scandal'"

Best show ever! I'm addicted and cant wait till February when the rest of season 3 comes on!

scandalmoments: “Scandal Season 3 poster has been revealed with the tagline, “The Secret is Out.” It features Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope with the premiere date for Season 3 - Thursday October.

The music that plays when something big happens between Fitz and Olivia... Augh!!! ♡♡♡ Best show ever

Scandal, Fitz, Olivia pope- *sigh* what girl wouldnt swoon hearing that.

Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn- Scandal

Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn as Olivia Pope & President Fritz Grant in Scandal

Olivia vs Mellie

baronessvondengler: needscandalinmylife: scandalrehab: Scandal Meme So True. Mellie’s nickname should be "Facepal.

Scandal - Season 3 Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant - why is Mellie usually in power colors like red, just like Olivia is in white (to go with her being a "good guy"?)...

(Mellie Grant, portrayed by Bellamy Young) Why Mellie Grant Is The Smartest Woman In The Room On "Scandal".