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Sea ice melt ponds due to climate change (NASA)

A White House today details costs of climate change surprises.

NASA's Waleed Abdalati: Dramatic Changes in Polar Ice

Welcome to the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) Virtual Workshop live stream channel.

Melting Sea Ice in the Arctic

Melting Sea Ice in the Arctic

Charleston's Historic District is added to National Landmarks at Risk. When our historic quality of life is threatened, we are there.

National Landmarks at Risk - Rising seas, floods, and wildfires are threatening the United States' most cherished historic sites

Climate Change and West Antarctica - David Bromwich (SETI Talks)

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet contains the ice equivalent of 5 meters of sea level and is slowly adding to the rise of global ocean levels.

Catastrophic Climate Change & Runaway Global Warming - David Wasdell- The Science*

24 minutes into the presentation he talks about NASA being afraid to release findings of methane releases off the coast of San Diego for fear of retribution .

Abrupt Climate Change In The Arctic (And Beyond) An Update

AGU Fall Meeting Our understanding of future Arctic change is informed by the history of past changes, which often have been both large and abrupt.

Weather and climate gurus meet in Miami

When it comes to communicating climate change, meteorologists are on the front lines. "Television weathercasters may be the most prominent science communicat.