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Merlin Cast, Goodies

Tom Hopper and Eoin Macken, everybody --- I'm not sure if they are close enough for Bromance status, but they always seem to be smiling when seem together, so at least they appear to be having fun!

Tom Hopper and Eoin Macken (Sir Percival and Gwaine in Merlin

Katie and Eoin ARE Morgana and Gwaine

Katie and Eoin playing themselves on Merlin. That's a pretty accurate description of Gwaine. How I love Gwaine so

why are they so awesome?! Can we take a moment to appreciate Tom's blue steel?! i mean, that thing is good... also, Eoin your face... also also, rupert what are you doing with your face

Tom Hopper, Adetomiwa Edun, Bradley James, Rupert Young, & Eoin Macken Knights of Camelot