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No Carlos, that is a furry hippopotamus from Greece not a cat, no cats are ethereal and poisonous duh

Welcome to Night Vale - Cecil *loves* cats. I want Fifty

Okay but that's exactly how I imagine Steve to look

I feel like the Cecil/Steve Carlsberg relationship is like a Micheal and Toby relationship from the office

That's exactly what I was thinking!! "We're taking 20% off of everything! Ev-ery-thing! We're craaaaaaazy!"

Concerned about the blueberries…

Do not look at the billboard. Do not think about the billboard. This has been a public service announcement.

Mirror Mirror by acbardwil.deviantart.com on @deviantART (LOOK AT BABY CECIL. *flails*)

I JUST REMEMEBRED that one episode the cassette tape when Cecil listens to his younger self it involved a mirror and then thingz happened with a mirror.

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Carlos and Cecil headcanon<<<<I think he was always aware of that but went along with it anyway because this is the cutest ship epurr

I'm not even into Night Vale and I love this | I am, and I do too!

And trying to convince new people to listen is also difficult because although it appeals to everyone, it also takes a suspension of belief and a sense of dark humor that people don’t always have…. To Night Vale # To

Why can't I, hold all these trophies by Sour-Purple on deviantART

Why can't I, hold all these trophies by Sour-Purple on deviantART Damn It.Hit me right in the feels.