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Maybe in a perfect world.

Maybe in a perfect world.

Filthy muggles- they don't understand!

That is preposterous, I propose a Harry potter themed words with friends!

House elves sound good to me!

Sign for kitchen: "Clean up after yourself. House elves don't work here.

Yes!!!!!!!!!! I don't even think you people understand the beauty of this


Ancient Aliens "I don't know, therefore ALIENS" meme --- I finally found it! What I've been needing in my harry potter casual fan life was the nargle meme of luna!

The non-fandom's would have a field day and so would the HP fandom, imagine how many jokes would be made.

create your own Sirius Black meme using our quick meme generator

How I felt standing in line the other day listen to some girl inaccurately describe the MOVIES to someone.

Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: Yes, I WILL tell you when you have your Harry Potter 'facts' wrong.

You tell em' Harry.

The "Come at me Bro" features hilarious images with there the subject is making an aggressive posture, usually with arms spread out to each side and with the catchphrase overlaid over the photo.

boo ya

My magic brings/ Voldemort to the yard/ and I’m like/ It’s hurtin my scar.