AKA: Small square moms accidentally cause tiny flesh son to experience existential fear and pretend to be much chiller about it than they actually are Read the whole comic.

So today, my brother was volunteering at AnimateMiami and he started walking up to people dressing up as Sapphire and telling them security wanted them to leave bc they didn't have Ruby. This kid, I swear.

Steven universe. I want more Amethyst and Vidalia just hanging out on the show!

Steven universe << I absolutely love this, Amethyst and Vidalia before Sour Cream (or maybe Onion) was born


Steven universe pearl sleeping with baby steven. Pearls dream of going after rose. This is just the sweetest and saddest thing>> aw

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I was hoping it was going to get better but it didn't!

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stevenuniverse, su, peridot, garnet, pearl<<<<did anyone else get the homestuck reference?