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Rough draft of Asriel and Frisk ~ Requested by Skylar ~

Rough draft of Asriel and Frisk ~ Requested by Skylar ~

Remus Lupin and the marauders

Okay, maaaybe just a littte bit. I teared up. OKAY, I'M CRYING MY FREAKIN' EYES OF! <--- It's okay, previous pinner. It's going to be alright. *starts sobbing with them* <---- *collective wailing* <----- Ouch. My heart

Wow. Hypothetically...

If you think James Potter wasn't one of McGonagall's favorite students ever, then you would be wrong

A True Friend Make You Laugh So Hard You Pee

A TRUE FRIEND is one who makes you LAUGH SO HARD you pee a little. -- I love the comment from Previous Pinner: "Today at the library with my friend after the librarian farted when we were asking her a question and we bursted out laughing"

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16 spot-on quotes to make you appreciate your mates this Friendship Day

Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They're the ones who deserve special places in your heart. - this is the test of a true friend!

I don't really ship drarry, but those type of posts are always funny

Okay, but this means that for everything that Harry actually notices (and lbr, he's no Sherlock Holmes) Draco likely did a bunch of othe obnoxious but hilarious things that went totally unnoticed because of the table locations.