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Winston Vs. Doomfist in a Nutshell

Winston Vs. Doomfist in a Nutshell

Deadpool is a HP fan (and Hufflepuff!), according to actual Marvel canon

This Marvel Canon Proves That Deadpool Is A Hufflepuff

He’s a Hufflepuff, according to actual Marvel canon. Deadpool Is A Hufflepuff

Nothing fazes Batman. ALmost.

Tell me, do you bleed? Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

haha,this is probably the only Harry Potter Teen Titans crossover i will be seeing for a while.

Robin is my favorite Teen Titan and then Cartoon Network just replaced him with some jackass. I hope they bring back the original Teen Titans.

Oh Jason.

My favorite joker!Robin (<---- Sorry for the bad and tasteless joke *wince*)<<<I mean he liter took the name of the joker as red hood.

I love this!!! This is fantastic,  I could so see this!!!

If you found one of them, give it to me, thankif you find Damian and Jason please return to me, thank you

Oh Deadpool - Imgur

Oh Deadpool

Headcanon: Anything drawn by Steve Dillon takes place in an AU of Preacher. Here, Punisher is Jesse, Deadpool is Cassidy, and the brute is Herr Starr.

Death of Spider-Man. So sad.

He never got to grow up...

Bats vs Supes - Imgur

Bats vs Supes

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