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Wild Giraffe Finds Bunny — And Decides To Keep Him

For animal people. Pass it on.

There is an Island in Japan covered in bunnies! And this is the most photogenic bunny on the face of the Earth.

There Is An Island In Japan That Is COVERED In Bunnies

-As if I needed another reason to go to Japan! Japan's rabbit island might be the cutest place on Earth : TreeHugger

Moo and/or arf arf!

Just 28 Impossibly Cute Pictures Of Dogs Hanging Out With Cows

Moo and/or arf arf!

Truck Driver Finds The Tiniest Visitor Hiding Next To His Tire

Truck Driver Finds The Tiniest Visitor Hiding Next To His Tire

The baby aardvark was rescued by ZURI Orphanage in Namibia.

Nandi was just a baby when she lost her mom to poachers — but since her rescue she's made a very good friend, who happens to be a cat.

Rhino Who Lost Her Mom Finds New Best Friend In Cat

Orphaned rhino and rescue cat are surprising everybody with their adorable friendship (Gallery) Nobody saw this coming.

Guy Rescues Baby Moose, And Now She Visits Him Every Day  Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/guy-rescues-baby-moose-and-now-she-visits-him-every-day/

When Erikas Plucas came back home one ordinary day he found a baby moose lying all by herself just outside his gate.