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Sir Ranulph Fiennes - a polar explorer for over four decades, the only living person to have circumnavigated the globe on its polar axis, the first person ever to summit Everest and cross both polar ice caps, and described by Guiness Book of Records as "The World's Greatest Living Explorer".

Sir Ranulph Fiennes -The Guinness Book of Records called him "the world's greatest living explorer" after his epic mile Transglobe Expedition in But, the epithet from his patron, Prince Charles, is perhaps more apt: "Mad but marvellous.

Cash for access: Clegg pledges new regulation to tackle lobbying.

Cash for access: Clegg pledges new regulation to tackle lobbying

Lobbyists will be regulated and voters will get the power to sack their MPs after the latest sleaze scandal to hit Parliament, Nick Clegg will say.

robert carlyle

Robert Carlyle, "Rumplestilskin" from "Once Upon a Time". A complex character in an often exasperatingly bad show.

Tina Fey

Carried away by red balloons. I absolutely love Tina Fey! She's cute, smart and damn.

Ed Milliband, Labour Party politician

Ed Milliband on Israel & Gaza Leader of the opposition Labour Party, Ed Miliband.

I am happy knowing this world has a Stephen Fry in it.  Via Famous People Drinking Tea

The quintessential London gent, Stephen Fry, taking his tea the proper way – in a cup and saucer with his pinkie playfully elevated.

Hilarious!! The movie is also one of my favourites!

About A Boy - Nick Hornby: I enjoyed the movie & I'm enjoying the show on NBC so I think it's time it read the book!

Jamie Oliver's <3

Jamie Oliver Is Not Welcome in LA School Districts

Not everyone has the time to prepare all their meals from scratch, but Jamie Oliver, chef and creator of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, is helping teach