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Was I even alive or did I fall from the sky on July 23 2010 at PM


This is my favorite Niall solo ever.

Beyond proud is more like it :)

I'm so very proud of you my loves❤️ you make me so happy, all the time, anytime. I thank you so much for all the memories, and all that you have made me realize and for just being you💋 thank you for being good idols❤️❤️❤️

Niall be like.... "What da craic" Best day ever

My exact reaction after I looked at my phone when I got off work.

one direction imagine | Tumblr

One Direction Funny Pictures. I love Harry's face XD

The Fandom

Thanks babe but let's face it, your directioners are cray cray <<< UH EXCUSE YOU<<< its true we are but we embrace it ;

Ok... It doesn't work but I love them and the picture so ya :D

It doesn't work but I love them and the picture so ya :D

This is my dad! Thats the only reason he wouldn't want me to go.! XD

I can't go to a concert till the boys come here, because their tickets are too expensive and to go somewhere else would be even more expensive!

•ѕнe тaѕтed lιĸe advenтυre and нearтвreaĸ• @livylane

I love One Direction and all But March Madness is Definitely Basketball {Sorry}

Smilers do the shimmy, do the shimmey, do the shimmy, and Mahomies pirouettes, and BELIBERS, do the splits, and DIRECTIONERS STAY EXACTLY WHERE YOU AFE CUZ TOU ARE PER-FECT!!! We make the FBI look like babies! Hahaha!

we didn't even know about one and from the track list we found from Syco it's not even gonna be on the album XD can your fandom do that ?