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What I do every time I watch this part..

One Direction and Hunger Games humor. "Will somebody hold me?" Yep my exact reaction lol.

don't mess with the sass master from doncaster!

eating food on stage, forgetting lyrics and admitting it during a concert, eating oranges at award shows, being in the bathroom when they win an award, i could go on and on but really fame hasnt changed them

I'd be Niall

Niall is me. I am Niall. We are one therefor we will be married

Funny One Direction Moment

Oh Louis >> Love this bit! I miss the video diaries! It's Tommo Time!

True story. Xx~~ I'll be like ," honey, don't worry. I can do it all for you and I promise you'll get an A+"

Then ill be like "honey our daughter is doing a report on you, you mind helping her out a bit and bringing the boys over so she can talk to them?

True fact ;)

My friends asked me this once and I said "Never in your wildest dreams!" They rolled their eyes at me so.