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I do. c:

I love surprises. But only from Kyle because he knows which surprises I hate :P

thats my little fact>>> Ya me to, I have a really bad habit of memorizing them from like random things like shows & little things

i love christmas and-thats-who-i-am

Christmas ♥ as much as I love opening presents I always feel guilty because it Jesus birthday and I am opening gifts.i know how I'd feel if I seen others getting presents on my birthday. Lets not forget the true reason.

Always listening to music! (one direction)

...and that's who I am.

i love making lists, so then when I did a thing off my lists I get to make a check mark by it lol I am so weird

I adore presents - giving and receiving

i adore presents. and thats who i am.

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only some chinese food, i like pork-fried rice, house chicken, eggrolls, and wontons.

#thatsmylittlefact     i seriously am, i can never stop eating. i must always have food!! @Niall Horan if you are looking for someone who eats a lot...I'm right here!! Just ask my friend @Savvy

My friends know this for a fact but I still stay skinny I. But I don't really care how skinny I am all I care about is food and family and friends :)

...and thats who I am. ❤ liked on Polyvore

i details.most of the time.but then it kind of sucks because sometimes i feel like i dont give people the chances they could get and i remember ALL of their mistakes because they are in the tiniest details.


this is true. i think a man can make me fall in love, just by writing a well written letter to me.

"And that's what makes me a GREAT gambler." *smiles*

Love Me Alpha - Chapter 28

Oh golly I get told all the time by T that I am super stubborn.and that's who I am

Or sleeping either one is the best

Little things I love, listening to music on road trips . just girly things

Has before

I do this all the time. I wish for the same things most of the time

imlive in baggy sweatshirts... and that's who I am. ❤ liked on Polyvore

the words written on the picture are true, but what the actual sweatshirt says is what made me laugh.

Just Girly Things

Disney movies My boyfriend and I are having a Disney Movie marathon :D

✳  Cooking, singing (really loud), dancing (alot), worshiping Jesus, cleaning, and being alone ;)  ✳

I love being home alone.but not for too long And That's Who I Am