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William H. Johnson (1901–1970)  was a talented artist who became famous for his Scandinavian landscape paintings and "primitive" scenes of black life.    A South Carolina native and son of an African-American/Sioux woman and a white man, Johnson moved to New York in 1918 to study at the National Academy of Design.  In 1926, he was passed over for a traveling scholarship because of his race.  Considered one of the school's most talented students, a teacher gave him 1000 dollars to travel…

William Henry Johnson combined European Modernist aesthetics with southern folk tales and legends to create fine art paintings that startled audiences throughout Europe and the United States.

"Words We Never Said: For Colored Boys Only" by Salaam Muhammad

"Words We Never Said: For Colored Boys Only" by Salaam Muhammad CodeBlack Art


I use to love Sanford and Son so much and I've never seen Fred G. Sanford and Lamont portrayed in art before. My Dads favorite show

#Crocheting Calms My Nerves- Afro Art Print. $18.00 USD, via Etsy.

Crocheting Calms My Nerves- African American Art Natural Hair Art Afro Puffs Black Art Print

Frank Morrison

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Painting of president Obama and daughters

It was amazing seeing all the Presidents talking to the gathered peoples in the Hall of Presidents, standing along side one another animated and so lifelike.