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Conversation Game

One person is given the ball of yarn and finds the end of it. They will toss the ball of yarn to anyone within the circle while they are still holding the end of the ball of yarn. Everyone who have answered the question can pass the ball on.

New Years Resolutions

Tip of the Day: Have your students write down their top four resolutions that they would like to keep.

Paper Gingerbread Man

This gingerbread man is a happy reminder of childhood memories and holidays.

Classroom Advent Calendar

Today we wrote lots of good wishes and made these cute reindeers. I am so lucky to have such a good bunch of kids!

Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are fun, elegant and easy for everyone to create!




I went shopping today and this is what I brought home.

Little Wrapped Presents

These little wrapped presents are really useful for decorating. Just wrap them as real presents and they make a beautiful decoration!

Handmade Photo Album

This week I have been to several craft classes and I have learned a lot!

Valentines Day

Valentines Day