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"Tultepec" is an incredible photo series by New York-based photographer Thomas Prior documenting the 2013 National Pyrotechnic Festival in Tultepec, Mexico.

Sunshine on the flowers

Sunny: the sun is this photo is so bright against the little flowers, it represents a sunny day in autumn


winding river durring Fall in Yoshigadaira high moor, Mount Kusatsu-Shirane, Gunma, Japan

harvest moon

"The moon likes secrets . and secret things." ~Charles De Lint, Dreams Underfoot -image by Takeru Hara on

"Astoundingly, the architecture of belonging spins itself out from the center of the self in the form of our dreams. It then calls us forward, step by tentative step, along its gossamer threads, into an increasingly intimate conversation. How we then, one day, suddenly find ourselves anchored in a meaningful life." --Dreamwork with Toko-pa   Image by  Ryan McGinley

The american photographer, Ryan McGinley is the main inspiration for the “official” runway show here at Fashion Rio, Agatha Born in 1977 and graduated as Graphic designer ( Pa…

The fire is the one that keeps me going...

Earl can control Fire. With Demetrius guiding him since he was a child, he has no problem controlling it. However, he does have controlling his emotions and feelings sometimes.


On May 24 students in the Philippines released sky lanterns to set a record for the most number of lanterns flown simultaneously according to Guinness.

Cluster by Jeremy Geddes

Cluster by Jeremy Geddes

Australian artist Jeremy Geddes creates surreal oil paintings that are astoundingly photo-realistic. The paintings often depict human figures in mid-air, f