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Why do I have to go to school?    (Sorry I can't give credit,  I don't know who made this)

years with Harry have taught me more about love & life than 12 years of muggle schooling ever will.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this

I died inside when I saw this, but when I showed it to my sisters they didn't care for it. Disappointment had me like.

this is class!

Riddle of the day Who was the murderer? Well the maid said she was getting the post but it was Sunday It was the maid! There's no mail on Sunday

though dudley having a magical child is unlikely but oh god this is cute <3

HP: except for the Prefect and Head Boy thing, because that's a UK thing and not a HP thing

We need more information about the Dursleys interacting with the Marauders.

I just spat out water

No post on Sundays! Ha! No blasted letters today! - Uncle Vernon

No post on Sundays Challenge accepted!

Petunia Dursley, Harry Potter, hp, Lily Evans

Petunia is so condescending towards Vernon and he is so thick it just passes over his head xxx

I wanted to do that ... Now I have to think of something better to do ...  "Justice!"

Wallpaper and background photos of harry/twilight funny pictures for fans of Harry Potter Vs.

He looks very familiar…

He looks very familiar…

This is super funny, its's how Vernon dursley sees the harry potter films

Let's see it from Mr. Dursley's point of view, shall we? WARNING: This may get boring and you may get flustered with Mr. Dursley while reading this book.