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Haha very funny :p

Moriarty was evil by right, but no evil can com pair to the BBC! (If you don't understand, just cry along with us.

please excuse me whilst I cry myself into a stupor.

I thought a defining characteristic of Moriarty is that, while as brilliant as Sherlock, he was driven by chaotic emotions, including a need to fill an emotional hole in his psyche/ soul.

"How is life with Sherlock? Horrible, I imagine." "Oh, yes, I'm never bored."

Sherlock being a brat. :) although in the third one down on the left side was when he was drugged. So hard to be a brat.

John: "Sherlock, what are you doing?" Sherlock: "Summoning satan, Jawn." John: "WHY WOULD YOU SUMMON THE BLOODY DEVIL, you idiot??!" Sherlock: "It's an experiment!" *Winchesters drive Impala through the wall* "OH NO YOU DON'T, IT TOOK US LIKE A MILLION YEARS TO GET THAT B BACK IN HELL, DON'T YOU DARE."

Dude, you have to see this

Loved this pic! So I chose to play with the filter...

Just stop. Rolling up your sleeve should not be drool inducingly sexy but when he does it, it is! I just can't take it! Ugh and the suspenders!

Benedict is me when i meet people who haven't seen Sherlock

clara 👩🏻‍🔬 on

BAFTA-LA (November ~ At "Behind Closed Doors with Benedict Cumberbatch" interview event

10 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was Sexy Without Even Knowing It

10 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Was Sexy Without Even Knowing It