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Tomorrowland 1955

Vintage Disneyland, Tomorrowland, 1965 So, so different from what it looks like today.

Image result for rocket to the moon disneyland

Image result for rocket to the moon disneyland

Add your Letters » Disneyland Sign Generator.  Perfect for scrapbooking and card making

Someone's hacked the Disneyland Entrance Sign! Take control and display whatever message you want to those entering the happiest place on Earth. Use one of the characters shown at the bottom of the page to place a special Mickey Mouse Icon on the sign.

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland, 1960,  original color scheme.

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland, with Walt Disney-approved colors. The drawbridge has only been lowered twice.

Walt and his grandson taking a break and enjoying some soft drinks in Frontierland. | 18 Wonderful And Rare Color Photos Of Disneyland In 1955

Walt Disney sits with his grandson at an outdoor patio table while visiting Disneyland in Photo: Gene Lester, Getty Images / Archive Photos

Captain Hooks pirate Ship just before demolition, 1982...makes me sick!  Why do they remove the best things?

Captain Hook's Pirate Ship (Disneyland) just before demolition. You know where there's room to rebuild this?

Adventure Thru Inner Space, Disneyland

Adventure Thru Inner Space, Disneyland sponsored by Monsanto. It looked like the people on the ride passed through the ray gun and shrunk down.