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There so cute:D

is the first picture I saw of One Direction, and it's still my favorite. It seems a little dated, styles changed, hairstyles got cut, but I still love this picture.


Bleaching the hair, then toning grey. I think the dyed grey hair granny hair trend is great. Hope it lasts.

One Direction 2014 Scrapbook Poster

Sorry guys just showing you all the merchandise and all the things i have of them and like giving you feedback on them this is a poster i got of them.

Laugh a minute: Best friends and band mates Harry and Niall share a laugh on stage

One Direction's Harry Styles says he's single on Good Morning America

Brad's smile *fangirling* The Vamps Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans.

When The Vamps performed on bgt xx❤️😉

Me about Ed Sheeran pillow case and posters... And phone cases and jewelry: and holy shit I have a problem.

Can't stop laughing! it's kinda true.but I do have a real life boyfriend too