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Johnny Depp is a great…

Johnny Depp is a genius…

Honestly, of all Pirates of the Caribbean posts I see are about the unscripted shenanigans of Johnny Depp. By this point, I'm wondering if the entire movie actually was unscripted

“Es ist ein Schlüssel.“ “Nein, viel besser...es ist eine Zeichnung von einem Schlüssel.“

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest // *drawring (as Jack. **Ahem CAPTAIN Jack would say)

Unicorns are over rated

My favourite actor of all time: Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

pirates of the caribbean funny gifs - Google Search Nvm this is the best line

" He wanted to be a pirate". I need Jack Sparrow and Sherlock to meet one day. Maybe once Sherlock meets the Doctor he can finally go back in time to become a pirate, ( and to meet Jack Sparrow)

thats awesome. And on a completely unrelated side note, that lady looks like the fairy godmother in R&H's Cinderella. :)

The Polite Student

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Precisely! Don't forget that Elizabeth Bennett got to hold a pistol to Mr. Collins' head.

"Except that Pride & Prejudice or CatCF didn't come out until several years after PotC, so they weren't Elizabeth Bennet or Willy Wonka yet. You could say Edward Scissorhands for Johnny." --> Still funny.

LOL, what I love most is the middle frame, the friend who doesn't want to share but is willing to sacrifice just enough ice cream to keep the friendship going, lol.  <3 LA

Funny pictures about Only A Spoon Full. Oh, and cool pics about Only A Spoon Full. Also, Only A Spoon Full photos.