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This Twilight Zone fanfiction writer. | 29 Internet Philosophers Who Will Rip A Hole In Your Mind

This Twilight Zone fan fiction writer.

With this you will summon bob ross, make sure you feed him trees.

Slow (creepy) heavy music would be called sludge metal, my dear child.

Chris Pratt plus Chris Evans equals Chris Hemsworth | Pass it on. | Thor is the love child of Star-Lord and Captain America

somebody is really bad at math here

The Chris Conspiracy. Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth <<< I love how my Steven universe tab first popped up because of the word fusion in done

8.5x11" Splatoon print on glossy, heavy letter paper.

another splatoon print, this time with the NPCs! (here’s my inkling print)see the process // buy the print // buy the shirt ink fast!

Eyebrows DO matter...go to a shop that just do eyebrows..they can help with face enhancement.  If not..follow the eyebrow guide- and try heavy concealer where it looks like there should be no brows...then use an eyeshadow around the right color and fill in the spaces.  Now you have a template for great brows.  If it doesn't look good, it can all be taken off :)

Don't neglect your eyebrows. Every time you get your hair done.remember to care and shape your brows :) they make a difference

Worst-Makeup-Fails-Of-All-Time-013- I have to hope that was really heavy theatre make up where she played a hooker on stage.

Excuse Me - There Seems To Be A Face On Your Makeup: It looks like this gal put a little face on her makeup. I can barely see face on all the makeup but I'm sur

Random Funny Pictures – 43 Pics

That feeling when you've slept on top of your hand - The Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger

hairy ear plugs. Ewwww...not only will you not be able to hear people they will run in fear!!

this would make a great gag gift at an office christmas party or white elephant gift exchange

The power of makeup and how-to make hooded eye shape "open" illustration

The power of makeup

The power of makeup and how-to make hooded eye shape "open" illustration--- holy crap that's Amazing